Sunday, December 3, 2006


screenshot of crater area (1)screenshot of crater area (2)screenshot of crater area (3)
  • The location of the crater can be seen on Rousseau's map (e.g. here)
  • Area passed by Rousseau, Kate, Locke, Jack, Hurley and Arzt in S01E23 on their way to the Black Rock (see screenshots)
  • Area passed by Charlie and Sayid in S01E24 on their way to get back Aaron
  • Probably the same location as the "unpassable area" (see Unpassable coast area)
  • Probably the position of Desmond's boat
  • Edit (04/15/07): The place seen in S03E16 where Juliet talks to Ben about her sister seems to be in a similar terrain (see 4th screenshot). Thanks to Kimeee for alerting me to this