Saturday, December 2, 2006

Danielle's hideout

screenshot of the bridge

  • Sayid showed the area of Danielle Rousseau's hideout in S01E18 (see details)
  • Located in the "Dark Territory" (according to Sayid)
  • The Losties get to Danielle's hideout by crossing a plank bridge in S01E18 (see screenshot)
  • The bridge may be located in the central valley


Maverick said...

No "Cable" post to comment on so I guess this is close enough for now?

After watching "Catch-22", where do you guys think the (sonar)cable is? When they went inland they found that person near a stream.
You can see the eastern mountains but you can't really tell from what position.

The Cable is important not only for what it does, but because it leads directly into the jungle to the bridge, and rousseau's old camp. (possibly CV3). My theory is that it also leads to Station C4, which I believe is the watcher of the watcher's station. They monitor the Pearl and all its feeds, and they also monitor the Flame (a camera was watching locke play the chess game, maybe they let him win after proving he wasnt an Other. Maybe entering 77 established a live feed to DHARMA, where they told locke to take some c-4 and infiltrate the Others, and then destroyed the station)

Just some ideas :)


LostySmurf said...

Hey Maverick,

thanks for you great ideas! And you are right, I should add the cable to the map and to this site.

Well, my theory is that the cable doesn't directly lead to Rousseau's camp but to the C4 station and Danielle's hideout is somewhere close to it. There is a note on the BDM saying 'High potential for RVS facility'. There are some theories around that the 'RVS' stands for 'Remote Viewing Station' (unfortunately, it wasn't resolved by the jigsaw puzzles). This would possibly indicate that you're right and it is some kind of monitoring station.