Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Looking Glass

  • First seen in S03E21 when Charlie and Desmond follow the cable into the ocean

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Cable

  • First seen in S01E09. Sayid finds the cable at the beach. It leads him into the jungle and one of Rousseau's traps.
  • Hurley finds it in S01E19 and follows it (later accompanied by Charlie, Jack and Sayid) to the bridge close to Rousseau's hideout
  • In S03E17, Hurley leads Desmond, Jin, Charlie to the cable, which Desmond has seen in one of his flashes

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Othersville submarine dock

  • The submarine dock was seen on S03E13 (at night) when Locke seemed to blow up the sub
  • Screenshots are taken from Juliet arrival on the island (see S03E16)
  • It looks like it's located in a river or lake (see screenshots)

Friday, April 6, 2007

The Flame

  • Kate, Sayid and Locke were following a bearing of 305° for two days until they got to the Flame station (S03E11)
  • The line between Swan and Flame station on the blast door map is pointing exactly to a bearing of 305°
  • There is a mountain ridge at their back (see screenshot) when they arrive at the place close to the Flame but when you take a look at the compass it seems as if the bearing of 305° would lead them to this mountain
  • Edit (04/06/07): The 'alleged position' of the Flame station seems to be wrong on the blastdoor map (BDM) and it seems to be closer to Othersville (see Cable map). There are also several items on the BDM indicating that it has to be somewhere else (e.g. in the North of the island):
    1. the security barrier
    2. the hub for E.E.P (Emergency Escape Protocol) conduits
    3. the offshore data dump
    4. the 'Intranet' labelled arrow from the Arrow station
  • Edit (04/15/07): Another (edited) screenshot of the Flame showing it before a huge cliff

Othersville / Barracks

  • Seen in S03E01 as the real residence of the Others
  • Edit (02/26/07): Confirmed to be the "Home" of the others and to be located on the main island in S03E09
  • Edit (04/06/07): It is confirmed in S03E12 that Othersville is the location of the DHARMA barracks (see also Cable map)
  • The Pearl orientation video says: "[...] At the end of your 8 hour shift, proceed to the Pala ferry which will take you back to the barrack [...]" (S02E21)
  • Edit (04/15/07): Screenshot of the contrails of the plane added.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Arrow / Ana-Lucia's pit camp

  • The location of the camp where Ana-Lucia digged the pit is 3 days (of continuous walking) away from the Tail crash site (stated by Bernard in S02E07).
  • The Taillies need one day to get from the pit to the beach and another one to find the Arrow. Later, they seem to travel this distance in much less time (see S02E03).
  • They go fishing at the beach (see screenshot), so it shouldn't be too far away from it (see S02E05).

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hydra island

  • Seen in S03E04
  • At the moment, I'm still unsure about its position and start to return to the theory that it's located in the South or South-East (notice the position of sun/shadows in the screenshots)
  • Edit (02/08/07): Screenshot of the main island seen from "Alcatraz" in S03E07

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Pala Ferry dock

Pala Ferry (left)Pala Ferry (back)Pala Ferry (right)Pala Ferry (sea)
  • Shouldn't be too far away from the Capsule dump and the Pearl station
  • Huge mountain/cliff to the right (see first screenshot)
  • Edit (02/26/07): MikeQuinn007 found another "X" on Danielle's map (see screenshot by MikeQuinn007). Maybe this marks the position of the Pala Ferry.
  • Edit (02/26/07): Sun, Jin and Sayid arrive in the morning at the Pala Ferry in S03E02 (Sun mentions her "morning sickness"). The 4th screenshot is taken shortly before their arrival. This could indicate that the mountain slopes in the background of this screenshot are facing east.

Capsule dump

screenshot of the tube dump

  • Seen in the Season 2 finale
  • The Losties need more than a day to get there
  • Sayid's signal fire can be seen SEE (assuming they are travelling north)

Fake camp

Fake camp (cliff view)Fake camp (seaside view)
  • Assumed residence of the Others in Season 2
  • In the Season 2 finale, Sayid explores the camp and finds out that it's fake
  • Sayid seems to mark the location of the fake camp on Danielle's map (see map entry)

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Encounter with "Zeke"

screenshot of the Losties on their way after Michaelscreenshot of their way back (some mountains to the west)
  • Seen in S02E11: Locke, Jack and Sawyer are following Michael, who is heading north
  • They are hiking on the slopes of the western mountains (see screenshots)
  • Distance between the location of the encounter and the "Fake camp": One day and one night (mentioned by Michael in S02E22)
  • The location of the encounter is about one day away from the Losties camp

Tail section crash site

screenshot of tail section crash site (1)screenshot of tail section crash site (2)screenshot of tail section crash site (3)
  • Located at the west coast of the island
  • The beach is facing ~270-300 degree
  • The exact position can be seen in S03E01 (see screenshot)

Henry Gale's balloon

screenshot of the cliffscreenshot of Henry Gale's map
  • Somewhere in the central valley (see screenshot of Henry's map)
  • Distance from the Losties: at least a day (stated by Sayid)
  • On their hike to the balloon, Ana-Lucia, Sayid and Charlie made a little camp to stay overnight

Desmond's boat

screenshot of Desmond after Kelvinscreenshot of Desmond's boat
  • probably located somewhere near the crater (see crater)

  • maybe not seen by the Losties because there is a cliff around the bay (see screenshot)

Sunday, December 3, 2006


screenshot of crater area (1)screenshot of crater area (2)screenshot of crater area (3)
  • The location of the crater can be seen on Rousseau's map (e.g. here)
  • Area passed by Rousseau, Kate, Locke, Jack, Hurley and Arzt in S01E23 on their way to the Black Rock (see screenshots)
  • Area passed by Charlie and Sayid in S01E24 on their way to get back Aaron
  • Probably the same location as the "unpassable area" (see Unpassable coast area)
  • Probably the position of Desmond's boat
  • Edit (04/15/07): The place seen in S03E16 where Juliet talks to Ben about her sister seems to be in a similar terrain (see 4th screenshot). Thanks to Kimeee for alerting me to this

Unpassable coast area

screenshot of Desmond after Kelvinscreenshot of the taillies (1)screenshot of the taillies (2)
  • Taillies could not pass this area in S02E06
  • Probably the position of Desmond's boat (see screenshot)
  • The brown rock surface might indicate that it's close to the crater
  • Similar area passed by Rousseau, Kate, Locke, Jack, Hurley and Arzt in S01E23 on their way to the Black Rock (see Crater)
  • Similar area passed by Charlie and Sayid in S01E24 on their way to get back Aaron (see Crater)

The Black Rock

Screenshot of the Black Rock

  • Located in the "Dark Territory" (close to the Antenna)

Black smoke

screenshot of black smoke from the first beachcampenhanced screenshot of the beach
  • Appeared in the season one finale
  • Located on the east coast (see screenshot)
  • Approx. NE of the second beach camp