Friday, April 6, 2007

The Flame

  • Kate, Sayid and Locke were following a bearing of 305° for two days until they got to the Flame station (S03E11)
  • The line between Swan and Flame station on the blast door map is pointing exactly to a bearing of 305°
  • There is a mountain ridge at their back (see screenshot) when they arrive at the place close to the Flame but when you take a look at the compass it seems as if the bearing of 305° would lead them to this mountain
  • Edit (04/06/07): The 'alleged position' of the Flame station seems to be wrong on the blastdoor map (BDM) and it seems to be closer to Othersville (see Cable map). There are also several items on the BDM indicating that it has to be somewhere else (e.g. in the North of the island):
    1. the security barrier
    2. the hub for E.E.P (Emergency Escape Protocol) conduits
    3. the offshore data dump
    4. the 'Intranet' labelled arrow from the Arrow station
  • Edit (04/15/07): Another (edited) screenshot of the Flame showing it before a huge cliff