Friday, April 6, 2007

Othersville / Barracks

  • Seen in S03E01 as the real residence of the Others
  • Edit (02/26/07): Confirmed to be the "Home" of the others and to be located on the main island in S03E09
  • Edit (04/06/07): It is confirmed in S03E12 that Othersville is the location of the DHARMA barracks (see also Cable map)
  • The Pearl orientation video says: "[...] At the end of your 8 hour shift, proceed to the Pala ferry which will take you back to the barrack [...]" (S02E21)
  • Edit (04/15/07): Screenshot of the contrails of the plane added.


Anonymous said...

I Found this page on the Internet :

It shows a very convincing possible path of Flight 815... Pictures taken from the show seem to prove they are right about the path of the Flight. If so, "Otherville" is NOT located where you suppose it is on your map. I looked at you location for "Otherville" and I found no description as convincing as the Path of Flight 815. Is there a way you could have that wrong ? Is there a way to see if it matches all your other informations or see how they'd fit together ?

Thanks for you fabulous website :-) I love it.

By the way, where would you locate the cable and the Looking Glass ??? I saw on some other sites thats it would be located south of the island. Is that correct ?

LostySmurf said...

Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you like my site!

Of course I know the website you've posted (it's the site of my fellow Mike). My placement of the barracks is based on all information given by the show, which also could contain red herrings, misinterpretations or other misdirection by TPTB, while Mike's placement is mostly based on the in-depth analysis of the panoramic view screenshot from S03E01.

I've also made an "independent" interpretation of that screenshot (see this sketch) but I have to incorporate the other hints to verify it (currently, it wouldn't make any sense regarding the position of the other locations).

I'm currently working on an update for my map including the latest discoveries (like the Looking Glass) but I fear I won't finish it before this season finale.