Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Cable

  • First seen in S01E09. Sayid finds the cable at the beach. It leads him into the jungle and one of Rousseau's traps.
  • Hurley finds it in S01E19 and follows it (later accompanied by Charlie, Jack and Sayid) to the bridge close to Rousseau's hideout
  • In S03E17, Hurley leads Desmond, Jin, Charlie to the cable, which Desmond has seen in one of his flashes


Maverick said...

I was rewatching "Catch-22" and I found some new information.

They get there in 1 day travelling only during daylight, so at most they walked for 12 hours.

Assuming towards the Ocean is "North". They came "East" to "West". There are mountains to the "South", and what appears to be the Crater or maybe Hydra island to the "East".
When the camera shows "SouthEast' you can see the mountains ending or twisting towards the "South". When looking "SouthWest" you can see the red light falling behind (or in) the mountains.
When they find her, they are near a stream or river (not in the mountains but in a hilly area)

Its hard to visualize unless you can see the episode again or screenshots.


Maverick said...

Oh yeah and something else. After the red light falls charlie says he won't go until sunrise (2hours later), Just before they find the pack, Desmond tells them to hurry or they won't make it by nightfall. Meaning they walked another 8 - 10 hours from the cable before finding her.

It's also possible TBTB don't put as much time into finding accurate locations to film as we do in analyzing them :). But where is the fun in assuming that ;)


LostySmurf said...

Hi Maverick,

thanks for the information. I'll rewatch the episode and keep your observations in mind (I'll post some screenshots).

Yeah, TPTB have really few time to make an episode but they're doing a really great job. I think there are also just few people analyzing everything this excessively than we do and it's very likely that TPTB haven't thought about it that far. But as you've said, it's really fun and I just love to see how the pieces of the puzzle fit together (... mostly). :)