Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Capsule dump

screenshot of the tube dump

  • Seen in the Season 2 finale
  • The Losties need more than a day to get there
  • Sayid's signal fire can be seen SEE (assuming they are travelling north)


Maverick said...

After watching LTDA again, I noticed the Capsule dump seems to be close to the ocean? Further north then we expected perhaps.
Image 1

I'm also wondering if it might be possible to discover what part of the BDM kelvin was working on in LTDA (I assume it would be his most recent discoveries).
Image 2
Image 3

(The bolt things on the side can help)


LostySmurf said...

Hey Maverick,

thanks for your input. Hmmm, I think you are right that the capsule dump could be further north. The mountains in that area also don't seem to be very high (compared to other mountains we've seen on the island). So maybe it isn't in the valley or at it's margin.

If I remember correctly, Kelvin was searching for the place to continue drawing (in the first screenshot). So I guess he touched the door randomly to get some hints. And I don't think TPTB directed him where to touch the door (it could be possible, but it's rather unlikely (IMO)).